Max Potential
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Peak Performance Sales Habits

Clear Goal-Setting Techniques


Data Insights 



Impactful Strategies 



The Max Potential Sales Boot Camp is designed to allow you to better understand market potential by obtaining valuable insight from your sales team while engaging them in the process. This sends a clear message to the team that they are supported and that the company is investing in their growth. It serves as an opportunity to create momentum, and as a result, the team will be motivated to grow their skill sets and confidently achieve their growth targets.


The program gives your team the necessary foundation to implement peak performance sales habits, clear goal setting techniques, and effective strategy & execution tactics that stays with them long after the training is done.


Your team will benefit by hands on learning and working sessions that will allow them to apply and demonstrate their ability to clearly set goals and objectives, implement an effective strategy to achieve them, and uncover maximum revenue growth potential. They will participate in a working session where they will input their goals and actions using your CRM and other provided tools. In addition, they will acquire new information on habits and routines that high performing salespeople use to harness focus, improve productivity, reduce stress and produce great results. 








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